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Performance Update: Bernalillo County Criminal Justice System Update, July 2024

The Legislature has appropriated more than three-quarters of a billion dollars over the past three years for in crime prevention approaches, but the impact has been limited.

Program Evaluation: Student Attendance and Performance, June 2024

More than 124 thousand New Mexico public school students missed more than 10 percent of school in 2023, putting those students at risk for struggling academically and eventually dropping out.

Policy Spotlight: Regional Recreation and Quality of Life Grants, May 2024

Despite the health and quality of life benefits of community recreational facilities, capital funding for these projects often comes second to other public safety and basic needs. However, a new grant program shows promise for more efficiently and effectively funding local recreation and quality of life projects.

Program Evaluation: Online Higher Education in New Mexico, April 2024

Four years after the pandemic spurred a surge in online higher education, online course-taking remains a substantial part of New Mexico higher education. In academic year 2022-23, 45 percent of New Mexico college credit hours were taken online, a 34 percent increase in online course-taking since academic year 2019-20.

Program Evaluation: Improving New Mexico’s Workforce Participation, April 2024

New Mexico needs about 40 thousand more residents between ages 20 and 54 working or looking for work to meet the national average for labor force participation.

Policy Spotlight: Escalating Costs of Public Construction, January 2024

New Mexico is seeing unprecedented investments in public and private construction at the same time as construction costs are skyrocketing. Absent significant drops in material prices or construction demand, or rapid increases in the labor force, construction costs will likely remain elevated.

Progress Report:Cost-Effective Options for Increasing High School Graduation, January 2024

New Mexico’s high school graduation rate has improved in the last 10 years, but New Mexico still is among the lowest-ranking rates. However, only about 2,000 more students would have to graduate to match the national average.

Progress Report: Costs and Stacking Income Supports, December 2023

Income support programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicaid provide immediate benefits to those living in or near poverty. However, large investments in these programs have generally not coincided with decreasing poverty in the state.

For more information:

The Program Evaluation Unit produces a variety of research reports that take a close look at the efficiency and effectiveness of state services and programs.

Finance Facts are one-page explanations of a specific aspect of state government, from how the budget bill is created to a summary of early childhood programs.

Session publications include the three volumes of the committee’s annual recommendation to the Legislature – policy and performance analysis, proposed appropriations, and supplemental tables and graphs – and the post-session review of legislative action.