Legislative Finance Committee

The Economics of Power Generation

More energy-efficient appliances and buildings and cheap natural gas have cut the use of coal for electricity generation from 60 percent of the market 20 years ago to 40 percent today, while the use of gas-, wind- and solar-generated electricity has increased about 18 percent in the last 10 years.

General Fund Tracking Report: Accruals through April 2017

For the third month in a row, April revenues were stronger than a year ago, coming in 7.7 percent over April 2016. Total revenue for the fiscal year through April was down 1.8 percent compared with the total for the first 10 months of FY16, but slightly ahead of the 1.9 percent forecast for the full fiscal year.

Post-Session Review (Revised for Special Session)

While the revenue shortfall for FY17 was resolved quickly during the regular legislative session, it took a special legislative session to get the FY18 budget set. In addition to budget action, the Post-Session Review provides a summary of all action during the two sessions and looks forward at what the state can expect from the economy.

Results First: Children's Behavioral Health

Almost half of the some $200 million the state spends on children's behavioral health care in a year goes to acute, residential care for relatively few children.

Program Evaluation: Domestic Violence Programs for Victims and Batterers

Almost one-quarter of New Mexican adults have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime but fragmentation and institutional silos in New Mexico's system for responding to domestic violence places survivors, offenders, and funds at risk.