Legislative Finance Committee

FY19 Budget Guidelines

The committee will emphasize flat general fund appropriation levels for most state agencies, with any increases based on changes in program caseload, workload, waiting lists, and inflationary costs.

Health Notes: IBAC Cost and Utilization

The agency responsible for negotiating health insurance coverage for 150,000 state and education employees and retirees at a cost second only to New Mexico Medicaid has left payment rate agreements to their commercial carriers, resulting in high rates that drive insurance costs up.

June 2017 Quarterly Update

New Mexico had more than $760 million for 2,030 capital outlay projects outstanding as of June, although more than half of that was for projects authorized in 2016 and delayed by a gubernatorial freeze or for general obligation bonds authorized by voters in 2016 but not issued until this month. More than a third of the $83.5 million authorized for water projects in 2014 remains unspent.

2017 Accountability Report: Early Childhood

Despite increased investment and focus, New Mexico is seeing mixed results from its early childhood services, with prekindergarten helping all children do better in school, regardless of income, but other preschool ineffective.

August 2017 Consensus Revenue Estimate

Revenue for the budget year that ended June 30 is going to be about $140 million stronger than expected in December, a needed boost to reserves, but the strength is largely due to abnormal growth in one component, a risk to the accuracy of the forecast. Revenue estimates for the current budget year increased slightly from the December forecast. The forecast for next year, FY19, now calls for "new money" - the difference between projected FY19 revenue over FY18 appropriations - is $25 million, or 0.4 percent