Legislative Finance Committee

Longitudinal Student Performance Analysis-Impact of School, Teacher and Program Interventions

Program Evaluation: Longitudinal Student Performance Analysis, Impact of School, Teacher and Program Evaluations: New Mexico schools help students achieve an appropriate amount of academic growth each year, but many students start behind and stay behind, and New Mexico needs to expand supports for at-risk students, ensure more consistent administration of interventions, and refine school and teacher accountability.

Progress Report: Funding and Performance of the Aging Network

The Aging and Long-Term Services Department is making progress on how it funds nutrition, transportation and other services for the elderly but still struggles with distributing to the most needy and accounting issues.

Progress Report: Tax Gap, Audit and Compliance, and Fraud

Concerns about the ability of the state to collect taxes persist and budget cuts are making it hard for the state to improve.

Capital Outlay Quarterly Report, September 2017

About $677.5 million from all funding sources for 2,058 capital outlay projects dating back to 2009 remains outstanding, including $86.4 million of earmarked fund balances for water.

Program Evaluation: Update on New Mexico Drug Courts

Offenders who complete New Mexico's drug court program are less likely to get arrested again than offenders who go through the regular court system but the courts could be even more effective and cost-efficient with better, more coordinated data and the use of federal funds to cover some of the costs.