Legislative Finance Committee

Hearing Brief: Expanding Community-based Behavioral Health Services

New Mexico's behavioral health rankings are improving but the state continues to lead the nation in adults and youth with substance abuse disorders, suicide rates, and unmet need for services.

Hearing Brief: Racing and Gaming Industry Trends

Gaming revenue shares paid by tribes to the state of New Mexico have fallen almost 10 percent since FY13, compared with a 1 percent drop in the state's population. Along with a drop in tax revenue from nontribal casinos, the decline in revenue sharing suggests the gaming market has topped out.

Hearing Brief: Higher Education Enrollment

Declining enrollment in New Mexico's public colleges threatens the state's ability to compete economically and meet the workforce needs of employers.

Hearing Brief: Public School Capital Outlay

Several proposals during the 2019 legislative session would have addressed concerns over the allocation of capital outlay to school districts with large swaths of tribal lands, but the fixes would have upended the public school funding formula, designed to distribute operating dollars fairly.