Legislative Finance Committee

Program Evaluation: Funding, Oversight, and Coordination of Broadband Programs

New Mexico lags the nation in high-speed Internet and has no single entity responsible for overcoming the obstacles to expansion.

Program Evaluation Progress Report: Domestic Violence Programs For Victims and Batterers

Domestic violence prevention and treatment efforts continue to suffer from a lack of coordination and oversight.

Public Schools: Review of FY20 Appropriations and Budgets

New Mexico public schools are collectively spending $660 million more this year but it's too early to determine the impact on student performance, which is improving but remains low.

Program Evaluation Progress Report: Corrections Department Capital Outlay

Changes in prison populations are shining new light on Corrections Department infrastructure, but the department still lacks the long-term facility plan recommended five years ago.

FY21 Appropriation Request Budget Guidelines

General fund revenue growth has strengthened significantly since the financial crisis of the Great Recession and oil price collapse. The committee’s goal is to propose a balanced budget with a single digit growth rate.