Legislative Finance Committee

Capital Outlay Local Projects Update

A Local Projects report highlights increased outstanding projects in wastewater and utility, community facilities, transport infrastructure, public safety, and parks and recreation.

LFC Post-Session Review

With increasing revenues tied to oil price and production strength projected for FY23, the legislative session continued measures to support the state’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, manage capacity across education and healthcare, and stabilize long-term planning.

Quarterly Capital Outlay Report, Second Quarter FY22 (April 2022)

Over 3,000 legislatively authorized capital projects are underway in the state, with outstanding balances of over $1.4 million.

Hearing Brief: Major State and Federal Investment Status Report

As of March 2022, state and local governments, schools, businesses, and individuals had been awarded $26.1 billion in federal pandemic assistance, but the upcoming spending and grant application deadlines will need the state’s full attention if that money is to be used to its fullest

Quarterly Report Cards, Second Quarter FY22 (April 2022)

The latest quarterly report cards on agency performance show little improvement on key measures, and few agencies have formal plans for addressing shortcomings.

Program Evaluation: Albuquerque Public Schools, April 2022

With dropping enrollment and lagging student performance, Albuquerque Public Schools must right-size its staff at the same time it improves practices.

Vetoes to the General Appropriation Act of 2022

Although the governor did not veto any recurring appropriations to state agencies and schools included in Section 4 of the General Appropriation Act (the primary appropriation section of House Bill 2), $4.2 million for public health employee premiums was vetoed from another section of the bill, and the $50 million Senate Bill 48, the "junior" appropriation bill, was vetoed in its entirety.

General Fund Revenue Tracking Report: FY22 Accruals Through October 2021

General fund recurring revenues for FY22 through October 2021 were $3.4 billion, up $983.4 million, or 41.1 percent, over FY21.