House Rules & Order Of Business

At Call of Chair


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Committee Members

Representative Andrea Romero 46DChair
Representative Joy Garratt 29DVice Chair
Representative Gail Chasey 18DMember
Representative Zachary J. Cook 56RMember
Representative Brian Egolf 47DMember
Representative Daymon Ely 23DMember
Representative Kelly K. Fajardo 7RMember
Representative Doreen Y. Gallegos 52DMember
Representative D. Wonda Johnson 5DMember
Representative Georgene Louis 26DMember
Representative Javier Martínez 11DMember
Representative Rod Montoya 1RMember
Representative Greg Nibert 59RMember
Representative William "Bill" R. Rehm 31RMember
Representative G. Andrés Romero 10DMember
Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero 13DMember
Representative James G. Townsend 54RMember