Other Websites of Interest

  • Directory of state agency websites
  • Directory of online services

Office of the Attorney General
New Mexico Courts
  • Court contact information
  • Self-help legal resources
  • Court services and programs

Secretary of State
  • Voting and election information
  • Campaign finance information
  • Registered lobbyist information
  • Online business services

Office of the State Auditor
  • Interactive maps
  • Geographic Information Service data
  • Open public auctions

State Land Office
  • Directory of state agency websites
  • Directory of online services

El Portal – New Mexico State Library
  • Free access to newspapers, magazines, journal articles and encyclopedias for New Mexico residents
  • Free access to BrainFuse, a tutoring and online homework help service
  • Links to historic and current New Mexico government publications

Office of the State Treasurer:
  • Outreach programs
  • Reports and resources

Taxation and Revenue Department
  • Tax forms and publications for individuals and businesses
  • Motor Vehicle Division forms and information
  • Tax analysis, research and statistics

New Mexico OneSource
  • Historical editions of the New Mexico Statutes Annotated dating back to 1989
  • Session laws (chaptered laws) dating back to 1993
  • New Mexico Administrative Code (rules written by state agencies)
  • New Mexico Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions
  • Attorney General opinions and advisory letters
  • New Mexico territorial laws and treaties

Sunshine Portal
  • Budget and cash balances
  • Investment accounts and revenue
  • Purchases and state land contracts

Capitol Art Foundation
  • Online guide to permanent State Capitol art collection and temporary exhibitions
  • History of the Capitol Art Foundation

New Mexico Legislature on Twitter
  • The official Twitter account of the New Mexico Legislature