Early Childhood & Education

Evaluation Unit Report: Martinez-Yazzie Funding Sufficiency, September 2022 Hearing Brief: LegisSTAT: Medicaid Home Visiting and Prekindergarten - August 2022 Hearing Brief: Child Maltreatment Hearing - August 2022 Hearing Brief: Creating Efficiency in Higher Ed Institutions - July 2022 Hearing Brief: Extended Learning Time Proposals - July 2022 Hearing Brief: Litigation to Boost Funding for Native American Students, June 2022 Subcommittee Hearing Brief - August 2021 Hearing Brief - Rightsizing and Reimagining Higher Education - October 2020 Internet Access to Enable Distance Learning - August 2020 Hearing Brief: Higher Education Financial Aid - January 2020 Public Schools: Review of FY20 Appropriations and Budgets - October 2019 Hearing Brief: Early College High Schools - July 2019 Hearing Brief: Child Welfare Investment - August 2019 Hearing Brief: Early Childhood Planning and Capacity - August 2019 Accountability Report: Early Childhood - August 2019 Hearing Brief: Public School Capital Outlay - July 2019 Accountability Report: Early Childhood - October 2018 Reorganized Yazzie Proposed Remedy Platform - October 9, 2018 Accountability Report: Childcare Assistance Outcomes - August 2018 Public Schools Joint Accountability Report - December 2017 Data Dashboards - December 2017 Hearing Brief: Child Protective Services - September 2017 LFC Staff Brief, Higher Education Instruction and General Fund Formula – May 7, 2014 LFC Hearing Brief, Turning Around Low-Performing Schools – July 2013 Students at the Crossroads: A Study of New Mexico’s 12th Grade Finance Facts – Child Care Finance Facts – Higher Education Funding Finance Facts – Public School Funding Formula Finance Facts – Public School Capital Outlay

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