Redistricting Information

Welcome to the New Mexico Legislature's 2021 Redistricting Website. You'll find a variety of information on this page related to the task of redrawing legislative and congressional district boundaries.

The Redistricting Act established the seven-member Citizen Redistricting Committee (CRC) to conduct public hearings throughout the state, receive public testimony (including the submission of maps) and develop redistricting plans for the state's legislative, congressional and public education commission districts.

To view the CRC's membership, meeting schedule and instructions on how to submit testimony and maps to the Committee, click on the following link The CRC is scheduled to complete its work by October 30, 2021 and submit its plans to the Legislature for consideration at a special session to be held (tentatively) beginning the first week of December.

Please note that the Census Bureau will not be ready to release its final census data until mid- to late August, at which time we will provide access to that information in a form that may be used by do-it-yourself redistricters to develop plans using publicly available redistricting software.

The Guide to Redistricting in New Mexico (forthcoming) provides basic information and historical context to the state's redistricting process.

Do-it-yourself Redistricting Files

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