Health & Human Services

Hearing Brief: Medicaid Request and Forecast Update, September 2022 LegisSTAT: Strengthening and Expanding Behavioral Health Services - August 2022 Hearing Brief: Child Protective Services - July 2021 2020 Medicaid Accountability Report - April 2021 LFC White Paper: Health and Economic Issues for COVID-19 in New Mexico - April 2020 Hearing Brief: Expanding Community-based Behavioral Health Services - July 2019 Accountability Report: Medicaid - December 2018 Hearing Brief - Behavioral Health Investment Zone, Identifying Substance Disorder Services and Treatment - May 2018 Memo: State Agency Prescription Drug Savings, November 2017 Hearing Brief - Human Services Department Medicaid and Other Budget Request, October 2016 Hearing Brief - Developmental Disabilities Services, July 2016 Hearing Brief - Behavioral Health Performance, July 2016 Hearing Brief - Medicaid Cost Containment Update, July 2016 Memorandum: Medicaid Cost Containment Accountability Report: Medicaid 2015 LFC Hearing Brief – July 2014 Status - Funding Uncompensated Health Care Costs LFC Hearing Brief, Behavioral Health System – Opportunities to Improve Services and Address Service Gaps, Service Provider and HSD Perspectives – July 2013 LFC Hearing Brief, New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange Implementation – August 2013 LFC Hearing Brief, Implementation of Affordable Care Act - Costs and Benefits of Expansion of Medicaid Eligibility - September 2012 Finance Facts - Medicaid Finance Facts – Child Support

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