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The Legislature’s interim committees meet between sessions to study a broad range of issues in preparation for the next legislative session. While some committee meetings begin as early as April or May, most of the meetings occur between June and November.

The Legislative Calendar and LegisLetter are updated every two weeks during the peak meeting months. They are correct as of their publication dates, but meeting information can change. Consult the agendas for current information.

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2019 State Legislative Calendar

LegisLetter (Interim Committee Meetings)

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Upcoming Interim Committee Meetings:

Courts, Corrections & Justice Committee
September 23 - 24, 2019
Pan American Center Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility
Science, Technology & Telecommunications Committee
September 23 - 24, 2019
UNM Science & Technology Park Rotunda
Disabilities Concerns Subcommittee
September 24, 2019
Pan American Center
Legislative Education Study Committee
September 25 - 27, 2019
La Plata Middle School, Silver City
Legislative Health & Human Services Committee
September 25 - 27, 2019
Las Cruces
Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee
September 26 - 27, 2019
State Capitol, Room 322
Legislative Finance Committee
October 01 - 04, 2019
Deming, New Mexico
New Mexico Finance Authority Oversight Committee
October 03 - 04, 2019
Olive Tree Creative Arts Community Center