Legislative Education Study Committee

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LESC 2023 Work Plan
2023 Meeting Schedule

Extra Information:

For more information or media inquiries, call (505) 986-4594

If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of a qualified sign language interpreter or other form of auxiliary aid or service for access to legislative hearings or other information, please contact Rebecca Griego at (505) 986-4620 at least five days in advance or as soon as possible.

Past Meetings

Jan 15, 2024
Dec 13-15, 2023
Nov 15-17, 2023
Oct 11-13, 2023
Sep 20-22, 2023
Jul 26-28, 2023
Jun 28-30, 2023
May 15-16, 2023
Jan 16, 2023

Committee Members

G. Andrés Romero RepresentativeChair
William P. Soules SenatorVice Chair
Brian G. Baca RepresentativeMember
Craig W. Brandt SenatorMember
Joy Garratt RepresentativeMember
Raymundo Lara RepresentativeMember
Tanya Mirabal Moya RepresentativeMember
Harold Pope SenatorMember
Mimi Stewart SenatorMember
John Block RepresentativeAdvisory
Ambrose Castellano RepresentativeAdvisory
Candy Spence Ezzell RepresentativeAdvisory
Natalie Figueroa RepresentativeAdvisory
David M. Gallegos SenatorAdvisory
Yanira Gurrola RepresentativeAdvisory
Siah Correa Hemphill SenatorAdvisory
Susan K. Herrera RepresentativeAdvisory
D. Wonda Johnson RepresentativeAdvisory
Jenifer Jones RepresentativeAdvisory
Linda M. López SenatorAdvisory
Tara L. Lujan RepresentativeAdvisory
Willie D. Madrid RepresentativeAdvisory
Antonio Maestas SenatorAdvisory
Michael Padilla SenatorAdvisory
Cristina Parajón RepresentativeAdvisory
Shannon D. Pinto SenatorAdvisory
Patricia Roybal Caballero RepresentativeAdvisory
Joshua A. Sanchez SenatorAdvisory
Debra M. Sariñana RepresentativeAdvisory
Nathan P. Small RepresentativeAdvisory
Elizabeth "Liz" Thomson RepresentativeAdvisory


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