November 04 - 06, 2020

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LFC Presentation General Fund Recurring Revenue Outlook
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PED Preliminary FY22 Public School Support and PED Budget Priorities
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.1 NM Assoc School Based Health Nancy Rodriguez
.2 Farmington School Based Health Cathy McDonald
.3 Gadsden ISD School Based Health Lisa Crawford
Collapse Item 5Item 5
.1 NMPSIA HM57 Presentation
.2 PED HM57 Taskforce Presentation
.2a House Memorial 57 Task Force Strategic Plan on Educator Ethical Misconduct February 2020
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.1 LFC Hearing Brief Health Insurance for State and Public School Employees
.2 APS Risk and Benefits Insurance
.3 NMPSIA FY22 Health and Risk Insurance Presentation
Collapse Item 7Item 7
.1 Dual Credit Bullet Points
.2 Gadsden Blended Senior Year Presentation
.3 Gadsden and DACC Blended Senior Year Evaluation End of Year Report
Collapse Item 8Item 8
.1 Brief Data System Upgrades & Implementation (SB 96)
.2 PED Data System Upgrades & Implementation (SB 96)
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.1 LFC Presentation School Reopening & Remote Education
.2 LFC Policy Spotlight School Reopening & Remote Education
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LFC Early Childhood Education and Care Funding and Performance Update
Collapse Item 11Item 11
.1 Brief - Alternative Methods for Including At-Risk Students in the At-Risk Index
.3 Opportunity and Equity Index Presentation
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Legislative Priorities - The Teacher Pipeline - NMACTE Deans and Directors
Collapse Item 13Item 13
.1 SOAR Educator Vacancy Presentation NMSU
.1a 2020 NM Educator Vacancy Report SOAR NMSU
.2 LANL Foundation Policy Brief - Recruiting and Retaining Teachers in NM
.3 LANL Foundation Recommendations for Recruiting & Retaining Teachers
Collapse Item 14Item 14
.1 The CROWN Act NM Fact Sheet
.2 The CROWN Act Slide
.3 Draft House Bill The CROWN Act
.4 Draft Senate Bill The CROWN Act
Collapse Item 15Item 15
.1 Bilingual Multicultural Education Advisory Council
.2 Draft Bill Bilingual Multicultural Education Advisory Council

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