Litigation Documents

On January 21, 2022, a lawsuit was filed in the Fifth District Court of Lea County, New Mexico challenging the state's enacted congressional redistricting plan. The case is assigned to Judge Fred Van Soelen. The case was certified to the New Mexico Court of Appeals and New Mexico Supreme Court, and the New Mexico Supreme Court issued an order directing the district court to resolve the case by October 1, 2023. The documents filed by the various parties in the district court case and related appellate cases are posted here and updated weekly.

D-506-CV-2022-00041: Republican Party of New Mexico, et. al., v. Maggie Tolouse Oliver, et. al.

S-1-SC-39481 Grisham v. Van Soelen

A-1-CA-40520 Republican Party of New Mexico v. Michelle Lujan Grisham

S-1-SC-39567 Republican Party of NM v. Lujan Grisham

S-1-SC-40146 Republican Party of NM v. Oliver