Capital Outlay Web




Please read and acknowledge the following instructions, terms and conditions to start your capital outlay request.

An eligible entity name is required to submit a request. If you do not know or cannot locate your entity name in the drop-down menu, please contact the Legislative Council Service at (505) 986-4600 and ask for Capital Outlay staff to request assistance.

After you have selected your entity name, a drop-down menu will display the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) projects that you have submitted for your entity during the ICIP process. If the project for which you are requesting a capital appropriation has been assigned an ICIP number, you may view the information for that project by selecting the "View" button next to that ICIP number. Once you select your ICIP number using the "View" button, the request form will be populated with the information that you have previously stored for the project in the ICIP. You will then be prompted to complete any other required information. If the project for which you are requesting a capital appropriation is not included in an ICIP, select the "Submit New Project" button at the bottom of the page, and you will be prompted to complete the remainder of the request form.

Once you have completed the form, you MUST print a signature sheet for sponsoring legislators in order to submit your request. The signature sheet includes a summary of your proposed capital project. Each capital outlay request must be signed by the sponsoring legislator(s). A separate, signed form is required for each legislative sponsor. Your request will not be processed until you submit a signed signature sheet.

After your capital outlay request form has been completed and the signature sheet has been printed, you will have an option to submit your project information to the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). The DFA will share that information with the Office of the Governor. You will also have an option to print a copy of the information that has been submitted to the DFA for your records. Please note that the DFA is not bound by the Legislative Council Service confidentiality statute.

To be considered for funding, signature sheets must be submitted to the Legislative Council Service Capital Outlay Office by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 2, 2020.

Documentation Requirements

If the capital asset will be leased to another organization, please submit a letter from the fiscal agent identifying the owner of the asset (capital assets must be owned by the state or a political subdivision of the state) and certifying that the asset will be leased at fair market value and appropriately maintained, with the signed signature sheet.

If the project is a local economic development project representing a public-private partnership under the Local Economic Development Act, please submit a copy of the project participation agreement between the private entity and the applicable local or regional government, with the signed signature sheet.