September 07 - 08, 2021

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Corona Range and Livestock Research Center
Collapse Item 2Item 2
Drought Effects on Livestock
Economic Impacts of Drought on NM Livestock
Collapse Item 3Item 3
Upper Watershed Health Effects on Downstream Users
Collapse Item 4Item 4
Impacts of Renewable Wind Energy Projects
Investing in New Mexico
Transitioning the World to Renewable Energy
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State Parks Presentation
Collapse Item 6Item 6
2014 NM First Town Hall
2021 Water Data Plan
General Fund Consensus Revenue Estimate
NM Water Data Stakeholder Perspectives
Water Governance Imperatives and Solutions
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Select Energy Services
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Giving Constitutional Power to Environmental Justice
NM Green Amendment Additional FAQs
NM Green Amendment FAQs
NM Green Amendment Talking Points
Proposed Green Amendment Presentation
SRC Sub for SJR 3 (2021)
What Are Green Amendments
Collapse Item 10Item 10
AG letter to GC and DFG December 2019
Cedar Point Nursery v Hassid
Courts Reverse Course on Stream Access Article
Game Commission Final Action--Three-Rivers-Cattle-Co--Sept 2 2021
GF Stream Access AG Memo Sept 2019
JPrukop Remarks and Annotated Sources
Maps of NMGC Certification of Non-Navigable Waters
Memorandum Opinion and Order--Mar 09 21--Fed Magistrate
Motion to Intervene April 2020
NM State Constitution-Article XVI Section 2
NM Supreme Court Response Brief
NMDGF Regulation 19.31.22 NMAC--LO Certification of NNW
NMSC 1945-034-NM-v-Red-River-Cattle-Co
Paddle Sports Exhibits
PPL Montana v Montana
SB 226--2015--FINAL VERSION--with floor amendment Paragraph D
SB 226--2015--INTRODUCED VERSION--Senator Richard C Martinez
Sharing the River
Statement of Frank Adelo
Statement of Lesli Allison
Stream Access the Paddle Sports Perspective
Verified Petition for Mandamus Original Jurisdiction 03.13.20

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