Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee

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Work Plan, Meeting Schedule (2024)
Final Report (2023)

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For more information, call (505) 986-4600 or send an email to Martin Fischer

If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of a qualified sign language interpreter or other form of auxiliary aid or service for access to legislative hearings or other information, please contact Rebecca Griego at (505) 986-4620 at least three business days in advance or as soon as possible.

Past Meetings

May 31, 2024

Committee Members

Representative Derrick J. Lente DChair
Senator Pete Campos DVice Chair
Senator Craig W. Brandt RMember
Senator William F. Burt RMember
Representative Micaela Lara Cadena DMember
Representative Christine Chandler DMember
Representative Mark Duncan RMember
Representative Doreen Y. Gallegos DMember
Senator Ron Griggs RMember
Representative Jason C. Harper RMember
Representative Susan K. Herrera DMember
Senator George K. Muñoz DMember
Senator Harold Pope DMember
Representative Larry R. Scott RMember
Representative Linda Serrato DMember
Senator Elizabeth "Liz" Stefanics DMember
Senator Peter Wirth DMember
Representative Ambrose Castellano DDesignee
Senator Katy M. Duhigg DDesignee
Representative Joanne J. Ferrary DDesignee
Representative Yanira Gurrola DDesignee
Senator Antonio Maestas DDesignee
Representative Alan T. Martinez RDesignee
Representative Rod Montoya RDesignee
Representative Kristina Ortez DDesignee
Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino DDesignee
Senator Shannon D. Pinto DDesignee
Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez DDesignee
Senator William E. Sharer RDesignee
Representative Cynthia Borrego DStanding Advisory
Senator Carrie Hamblen DStanding Advisory
Representative Joshua N. Hernandez RStanding Advisory
Senator Leo Jaramillo DStanding Advisory
Senator Linda M. López DStanding Advisory
Representative Javier Martínez DStanding Advisory
Senator Joshua A. Sanchez RStanding Advisory
Senator Bill Tallman DStanding Advisory
Representative James G. Townsend RStanding Advisory
Senator Benny Shendo, Jr. DSpecial Advisory

Public Members

No public members found