54th legislature - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - first session, 2019


Natalie Figueroa and G. Andres Romero and Joy Garratt

and Debra M. Sariñana








     WHEREAS, New Mexico is experiencing a large number of teacher vacancies, according to an educator vacancy report prepared by New Mexico state university southwest outreach academic research laboratory; and

     WHEREAS, as of October 2018, there were one thousand one hundred seventy-three education positions open, including teachers as well as counselors, librarians and nurses; and

     WHEREAS, many factors influence the need for teachers in New Mexico, including salary, working conditions and work expectations; and

     WHEREAS, in an effort to fill the need for teachers, school districts, the public education department and the education preparation programs across the state are trying to implement various strategies to recruit and retain teachers and teacher candidates; and

     WHEREAS, teacher residency programs offer a strategy for developing strong, well-prepared teachers and addressing the high rate of teacher turnover; and 

     WHEREAS, teacher residency programs typically are an alternative pathway to teaching for prospective educators who already have a bachelor's degree; and

     WHEREAS, in the teacher residency model, teacher candidates work alongside an accomplished teacher for a full year before being placed in their own classes; and

     WHEREAS, unlike other alternative teaching certification models, residents do not serve as the teachers of record in the classroom; and

     WHEREAS, a year-long co-teaching model offers great promise for developing strong, well-prepared teachers as well as positively impacting student learning; and

     WHEREAS, high-quality teacher residencies feature:

          A. strong district and university partnerships;

          B. high-ability, diverse candidates who are recruited to meet specific district hiring needs, typically in fields where there are shortages;

          C. a full-year apprenticeship teaching under supervision;

          D. coursework about teaching and learning tightly

integrated with a clinical practice;

          E. cohorts of residents placed in "teaching schools" that model good practices with diverse learners and are designed to help novices learn to teach;

          F. financial support for residents in exchange for a three- to five-year teaching commitment; and

          G. carefully selected expert mentor teachers who co-teach with residents; and

     WHEREAS, fifteen states and the District of Columbia include teacher residency programs in their plans to implement the federal Every Student Succeeds Act; and

     WHEREAS, a learning policy institute article states that research on the impact of the teacher residency model suggests that, on average, residents are more racially diverse than new teachers, are much more likely to stay in the teaching profession, especially in the high-need districts that sponsor them, and are typically more effective than other novice teachers; and

     WHEREAS, paid residencies are most commonly associated with medical professionals but are appropriate for teachers; and

     WHEREAS, urban and rural teacher residencies have been successful in recruiting talented candidates in high-need fields to work as paid apprentices to expert teachers, allowing novices to earn an income and gain experience in exchange for a commitment to teach for several years, according to the national conference of state legislatures; and

     WHEREAS, in searching for ways to recruit and retain quality educators, New Mexico is urged to consider paid teacher residency programs;

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that the legislative education study committee be requested to study the efficacy and logistics of implementing paid teacher residency programs in New Mexico; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the legislative finance committee, the public education department, school districts and charter schools and the New Mexico coalition of educational leaders be requested to assist the legislative education study committee as required; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this memorial be transmitted to the secretary of public education and the chair of the legislative education study committee.

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